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What do you mean it's due Wednesday?

My "How to focus on quality" article took longer to get out the door than I thought. It's been sitting there unfinished for the better part of a week. Late last week, I decided to talk with my CPA to get my corporate and personal taxes done. I've still got another month, but I suppose I should get it over with.

He emails me back to say that we need to file an extension because the deadline for corporate tax filings in Massachusetts is March 15th. I look at the calendar. It's March 10th.


So, the proper extensions are filed, and the fees are paid. But I can't say I'll be making that mistake next year. Thankfully I had spoken with my attorney last week about an unrelated contract and we briefly touched upon the fact that my yearly report was due to Massachusetts as well. I thought I had another month there too. I would have really taken it in the shorts. The late fees are probably approaching the levels of the national debt.

It's all under control now. I certainly won't screw up the dates next year though.


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