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The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur is someone who has decided to build a business to make a living and satisfy his own personal motivations. Personal motivations will vary from one LE to another. One LE might start his own business to cut down on the travel that he must endure to spend time with his family, while another LE might start his own business to increase the amount of travel she must do in order to see the world. Still others might decide that working in the corporate world has essentially sucked their will to work there any longer and set out to build a company where they want to work instead. A Lifestyle Entrepreneur doesn't start a business to work less. It's a lot of hard work, especially in the beginning. But assuming you're reasonably successful and good at what you do, you can eventually set things on cruise control and coast along, living the life you want while not reporting to people whom you probably never liked much anyway.

I started Moon River Software out of a burning desire to be in control of my own destiny. Recently, I had a consultant on site who was amazed that we worked from 8am-5pm. Currently, he works from around 6:30am to 6pm five days a week. He also works at least every third Saturday, sometimes every other Saturday. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm not going to work ghastly hours for someone else's benefit when I'm not getting anything in return other than gratitude. I wouldn't expect my employees to submit to that either.

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